October 2, 2013, Nashua, NH

Note to burglars: You can run, but you can’t hide.

There are few things more invasive and disconcerting, then coming home and finding that your house has been broken into. Unfortunately for an employee of Mark Carrier Construction, Inc., (MCCI) that is exactly what was found early this September.

While doing an inventory of missing items, the employee found that along with personal property his laptop, supplied by MCCI, had been taken as well. MCCI called their IT Service Provider, Paradigm Computer Consulting, Inc. to advise them of the stolen laptop. Paradigm advised that the same system they use to monitor and maintain the company’s computers and network, could also be used to monitor and trace the stolen laptop.

Paradigm Managed Services Engineer, David Martin immediately went to work setting up special alerts to notify key Paradigm staff if the laptop connected to the Internet. He also set the monitoring system to capture information about how and where the computer connected to the Internet. After about a week, Paradigm received an alert that the stolen computer was being used.

“Once we identified that the computer was online, and being used, we had several tools at our disposal” said Paradigm Computer Consulting CEO, Shawn Walsh. “We were able to provide Manchester Police Department with the IP address of the Internet connection being used. This allows us to pinpoint the location of the laptop. David Martin was also able to work closely with our vendor, and develop special computer “scripts” or code, that we could push down to the laptop. This code allowed us to capture images of the screen while the computer was being used, and even take a picture of the user through the laptops built in camera.”

The system used by Paradigm is called Kaseya. It is widely used by Information Technology companies to monitor and maintain IT systems.

Walsh and his team were able to collect information about the alleged user of the stolen computer, including his Facebook page, AOL email account, and Skype account. This information was provided to Manchester Police Department Detective David Dupont. Dupont stated that the laptop had been recovered and charges are pending.

Walsh, previously to his position with Paradigm Computer Consulting, Inc. spent 15 years with the Milford Police Department and held the rank of Detective Sergeant. He has over 20 years experience in computer forensics and the investigation of computer crime and has acted as an expert witness in many civil and criminal cases.

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