Don't Settle for an Average Phone System

You do everything else on the internet, why not your phone system?

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, phone systems can save you up to 30% to 50% on your telephone bill. VoIP leverages the internet to provide you features that your current phone system lacks. We assess your current phone system and provide recommendations on which VoIP system will work best for you.

Less Wires, Less Problems

Introducing the phone system that moves with you.

Need to work from home or somewhere outside your office? Just take your phone and plug it into your local ethernet. Now you can receive and make phone calls from any location.Paradigm also offers VoIP systems that are software based, allowing you to use your phone system from your laptop or mobile phone.

Save Money

VoIP is the cost effective solution your company has been waiting for.

Eliminating the phone line wires also means eliminating the phone line costs. Saving money on overhead expenses is a crucial piece to growing your business. Don’t waste another penny on big phone companies and their inflated price plans. Plus, VoIP will not tie down bandwidth so business can continue to function at regular speed.