Safeguard From All Angles

Know your security levels now, we will worry about it in the future.

The Internet has changed the face of business. Unfortunately, some of these changes pose serious security threats for businesses. Identity theft, Spyware, and phishing are tactics used to find vulnerability in your network. If your machine gets infected, you may run the risk of a network failure. Be proactive, let Paradigm take care of you.


Keep out the threats.

One infected device can cause a drastic change in network speed and may lead to data loss. Paradigm wants to take away this threat to your company, and protect all devices on your system. We maintain your antivirus licenses and definitions and keep them current and updated.

Network Protection and Firewalls

Build an impenetrable wall around your business.

Viruses and threats are getting more sophisticated. We make it our business to understand and stop them before they have a chance to hurt your business. The most effective way to protect your business is to ensure that your network is protected behind an impenetrable firewall. We offer enterprise-level solutions at a small business price.

Filter Content to Increase Productivity

Create work-friendly Internet browsing.

The Internet can be a productivity killer. Prevent the distractions of social media and browsing unrelated to your business with adjustable content filters. The content filter works directly with the firewall to prevent any malware from entering your system through sites that associates may visit.