Your Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

Paradigm protects what matters most.

80 percent of organizations lack a dependable data recovery system. Are you one of them? No matter what type of business that you run, protecting your data is imperative to success. Allow Paradigm’s Automated Support System's Backup & Disaster Recovery to assure your backed-up and in business.

We Backup to Keep Your Business Moving

Don’t fret about backing up, that’s our specialty.

When hard drives fail, money is left on the table. Paradigm Automated Support System's Backup & Disaster Recovery allows you to get back up and running so that your bottom line won’t suffer. We recover that data in minutes and you get back to business. We do this by constantly archive your data so you can access it anytime.

What Happens in the Event of a Disaster?

We backed up your data, let us recover it.

Tape drives to backup data to a company server or another form of external storage are invaluable. But when disaster strikes, downtime for your business results in hours or days of time and profit lost. Imagine avoiding that downtime and gaining the profit that would be lost.

Paradigm's innovative system backs up your company's data every 15 minutes. Additionally, our Backup/Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) will act as the server in case your in-house server fails, all while continually backing up your data. This means your company can continue to function even when your server is being repaired. More than backup and recovery, we ensure that your data is secure. Our BDR encrypts and archives your data to our two off-site data centers. Paradigm Automated Support System's Backup & Disaster Recovery is the only system you need to keep your files safe, secured, and accessible in case of an emergency.