Chief Operations Officer / Senior Systems Engineer

Tom Mitchell returned to Paradigm Computer Consulting in 2011 as a strategic addition to our senior IT team. Tom brings to us over 15 years of IT experience.

He also possesses some amazing technology insights and skills gained from 8 years serving in the US Navy, 6 as an Electronic Technician aboard submarines. Mr. Mitchell’s recent professional accomplishments include 4 years of IT Audits with a “1” rating at one of the top commercial banks chartered in New Hampshire.

Shedding the “IT Geek” stereotype, Tom earned the reputation of being a “Mustang” in the Navy and he’s quite a storyteller to boot. Working “inside the box” is not an option with Tom unless the solution is clearly there.

Creativity in problem solving and a passion for achieving IT System harmony are the chief drivers that motivate Tom in his daily work. He applies his definition of happiness to helping our clients succeed in their businesses.

“Everything running smooth, everyone calm and getting along with minimal conflict…” When our clients achieve a smooth running operation throughout their entire IT Infrastructure, Tom knows we’re getting the job done.